Kayaking Videos

Here are some Kayaking Videos that you may find helpful

These kayaking videos are a good reference to help you fine tune your kayaking skills. After taking a class it is hard to remember all the different kayaking maneuvers and kayaking techniques  you learned in class.

kayak clothing can save immersed kayakers

Hope the kayaker took a rescue class!

Watch them before you go kayaking or take a kayaking class.  They are great for a refresher after you have taken a kayaking class or just out practicing your kayaking maneuvers. Book mark this page – it makes for a great quick reference. Hope you find these kayaking videos helpful and a good resource.

Do you know of a kayaking video that you think may be helpful to our readers.   Let me know.

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Kayaking Bracing video

Sculling Brace

How to get in and out of your kayak and stay dry

Scramble – A self rescue kayak technique

Want to learn how to do a Scramble and  other rescue skills ? Sign-up for a Rescue Class. See The Kayak Calendar for dates and times 

Forward Stroke – A must watch

Sweeps Strokes – Forward and Reverse

Towing a Kayak in the Water

Want to learn these kayaking skills and more?

Sign-up for a class.  Kayaking classes are a great way to enhance your skills and is a fun way to spend the day with new and old friends. Chose from a group lesson or call the set up a private lesson.  Both options are fun a enjoyable.  What is better then a great day kayaking on the water

The 3 Golden Rules

Sculling Draw

How to Dress for Cold Weather


Edging –  We do offer edging classes.


High Brace Turn

Rules of the (water) Road