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Are you doing any classes this year?
No, We are looking to relocate.

I don’t know how to swim?
You will be safe. please read this article about I can’t swim, is it safe to kayaking.

Cold Water Saftey
Information  from  www.coldwatersafety.org  – Please read this article about Cold water Dangers.
Cold water can kill you in less than a minute. It’s actually so dangerous that it kills a lot of people within seconds. read more. Find details and guidelines on what kayak clothing wear when kayaking in cold water (even in the spring or fall when the air is warm).

Do I need to make a reservation?
 Yes. This will help us keep an accurate count.

What if i can’t make it on the date I reserved for my kayaking trip ?
Just let us know as soon as you know, so we can reschedule.

What about Kids, can they come on the kayaking trips or classes?
It is more of a maturity and height thing then age.  Recommended  height is min 5 ft and 100 plus pounds.   The reason is that we use real sea kayaks.  The kayaks are 14 ft and longer. If we get a strong wind and the youth is the same weight ( or less) as the kayak, well, we don’t want them to blow away. They do make kayaks for children. We just don’t have those in are fleet. You are welcome to bring your own kayak.

What kind of kayaks do you use?
We use sea kayaks, touring class and expedition class. We do not use recreational kayaks. Read more about the difference.

Is kayaking a good way to stay fit?
Yes, it will add years to your life, improve your health and pay increasing benefits….. Read the rest of this article by Gary Mechanic 

Do you have Tandems kayaks?
No, All kayaks are singles.

What should you bring kayaking?  
Sunscreen, water, bug spray, hat. If you bring glasses use a strap.  Any medications such as Epi Pens, inhalers… make sure to bring them in a dry bag or ziplock. Extra pair of clothes and towel.  Leave them  in your car or bring in a dry bag.

Should I bring snacks and or food on a kayak trip or a kayaking class?
Yes, fruit, energy bars, nuts or maybe a sandwich if its a long paddle.  Avoid heavy foods or fast foods.

What should I Wear kayaking?
Be prepared to get wet. Water shoes or  sandals.  Avoid  cotton clothes.  Wear quick dry or synthetic clothing.  Remember, the air maybe  warm but the water maybe cold. Layers are good, an under armor tee with a synthetic top for example. More on safety and clothing  Read here for details and guidelines for kayak clothing when the water temps are cold in the spring and fall.

What not to bring kayaking?
Anything you Don’t want to get wet. iPhones and MP3’s don’t mix well with water. Lock them in your car.

Is alcohol allowed on kayak trips or kayak classes ?

Do I have to sign a waver to kayak?
Yes, You will need to sign a waver. Wavers will be available at meeting site or you can download it here, Adult waiver and Minor waiver.

Learn more about kayaking, get help, and obtain kayak stuff from these recommended resources.

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  1. Hi there! We we would like to try the Pub and Paddle kayaking but have never kayaked before….is experience necessary?


    • Nope! We will help you get started. However it is recommended that you take the beginner class.
      There will be one of us on the water with you on all trips and classes

  2. Hi I am interested in learning. I was wondering where you guys are located. I am in north Georgia.

  3. I see that you no longer do kyack lessons. Do you know of a place in Central Illinois that does?