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d kayakingKayak Classes for the Beginner to Intermediate Kayaker

Group Kayak Classes and Private Kayak Classes

Would you love to take kayak classes but are concerned about maneuvering the boat safely?  Have you kayaked numerous times, but have no idea what to do if the kayak tips? Whether concern or confidence dominates your feelings, we have kayak classes that’s a perfect fit for you.

What a perfect way to start the kayaking season. Group kayak classes and private kayak classes are available.  Have your own kayak and you and your friend or significant other want to take a class together?  Great!  Call to set up a time for your kayak class. 630-802-7647. We offer ACA certified kayaking classes – Beginner to Intermediate — Kayak classes that let you start at your current skill level and build from there.  Theses kayak classes are in calm water and are partnered with a fun paddle along a local river or lake.

All kayaking classes include; Instruction, Kayak, PFD, and Paddle.

In any of our kayak classes, you will be supplied with safety equipment, paddle, and will be in a sea kayak rather than a recreational kayak. All kayaking classes are taught by ACA certified instructors.

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Check out our kayak class offerings below and dates of availability on our Kayak Calendar :

Basic Plus kayak classes – for the Beginner Kayaker $75kayak classes

This kayaking Basic Plus class is perfect for the beginner or a kayaker who wants review of the basics.

The class starts out with instruction on land, where you’ll learn the parts of the kayak, how to get in and out of the kayak, biomechanics of proper paddling techniques,importance of a properly fitting PFD and more. Then we launch our kayaks in the water where you’ll learn: Forward stroke, Reverse stroke, Stopping the kayak, Forward and reverse sweep stroke for turning and Pivot. Also enjoy we will enjoy short kayak paddle along the Fox River.  What a great day on the water!  To sign up and see  dates of availability on our Kayak Calendar.

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Skill Enhancement 1 kayak classes – for Beginner to Intermediate kayaker $49

This is a great class for the beginner through intermediate kayaker.  Basic Plus class is recommended prior to taking this class. This class incorporates edging to your kayaking maneuvering skills. Use of torso, hips and legs in your stroke. Add edging techniques to control and maneuver the kayak. You will also add edging to your skills set that you learned in the Basic Plus kayaking class.

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Dates of availability on our Kayak Calendar.

Skill Enhancement 2  Kayak Classes – This class will get you to Intermediate Level $55

Skill Enhancement 1 kayak classes are recommend prior to taking this class. You will learn how to preform a low brace, two types draw strokes (to move the boat sideways), stern rudder and low brace turn. These  kayak classes can be repeated as you build your confidence and mastery.  Odds of getting wet in this class is very likely. Dates of availability on our Kayak Calendar.

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Rescue kayak Classes – A must for every level $55

This is probably the one of most important kayak classes you can take. Basic Plus, Skill Enhancement 1 or 2 kayak classes are required prior to taking this kayaking rescue class (or knowledge of the skills in those kayak classes). It’s important to learn not only how to maneuver the kayak and maintain your balance, but also how to be safe when there is a mishap.  Many kayakers are so intent on staying balanced in their kayak that they never learn what to do if the kayak tips.  You will get wet in this class, but you will also begin to master: Wet exit Re-entry to the kayak in open water. T-Rescue, Self-Rescue and a towing and kayak to safety.

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Dates of availability on our Kayak Calendar.

Don’t want your kayak class to be in a group? Private kayak classes are available.

Just call The Kayakers at 630 802 7647 to make a reservation for your private kayak class. See what others have said after taking a kayak class with The Kayakers, Testimonials. New classes are added often.

Please review the FAQ and Resource page prior to signing up for a class. All participants MUST sign a Waiver. Adult waiver  and Minor waiver.

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