Rainbow River kayaking trip 2017 Photos

Rainbow River in Dunnellon, FL. Photos from the kayaking trip on February and April 2017.

The Rainbow River is Registered Natural Landmark. It was registered in 1972, And then in 1986 it became an Aquatic Preserve. This area was an overgrown park and it was originally only opened on weekends. Volunteers clear the area.of the Rainbow River and made an attraction in 1990. The Florida Park Service officially opened Rainbow Springs State Park on a full time basis on March 9, 1995.
A 1st magnitude spring (Rainbow Springs) which is ranked fourth in the state, discharges 400 – 600 million gallons of crystalline water every day into Rainbow River. Rainbow Springs is not the only spring contributing to the crystal clear Rainbow River. There are many other smaller springs. Some spring come from caves. There are also, rock crevices, and sand boils the entire length of the river.

I will definitely be back to this area to kayak. It is located 20 minutes east of Crystal River and about 100 miles north west of Orlando. So you can kayak in nature and also take a trip to Disney World.

There will be another trip to Florida coming up. If you would like to meet down there, let me know.

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