Kayaking Florida trip 2017 will be in the Golf Coast

Kayaking Florida  –  Homosassa and the surrounding area

The Kayaking Florida trip will start February through March 2017 we will be heading down to Florida. Home base will be Homosassa. But, we will be kayaking all around. Rainbow River is one of the kayaking day trips. Here is a link to see some photos of this beautiful river.

When your kayaking Florida, watch for Alligators tookayaking Florida

Don’t worry, if you look close, he is winking at you!  I think the gators wink before they eat, oh no!

You can also see Manatees, Dolphins, lots of birds and snakes.

I did this kayaking Florida trip in 2014. The Manatees had swam into the springs to keep warm. These wonderful mammals are as genital as puppy dogs. A great place to learn about the habitat is Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.

The fun part of this trip is going with new and old friends. In  2014 I just got on meetup and looked for kayaking groups. This was a great way to meet like minded people to play with. This year I will be meeting up with the friends I made in 2014. Most of them will be snow birding to Florida too.

Stay tuned, we will be posting more as this kayaking Florida  adventure continues.

Look at the Rainbow River February 2017 trip photos here



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