Kayak Demo Days at on the Fox River

This was the first of several kayak demo days.

The host of this event was on the Fox River in Aurora. The morning started off strong with sea kayaks and fishing kayaks for the everyone to try.  I couldn’t believe how many happy faces I saw.

kayaking classes

Thats Carl and AJ above, I hope I got their names right, on their Maiden Voyage.  This is their first kayaking experience. And they stayed dry! Even though AJ decided to stand up in the middle of the kayaking and stretch his legs.  But they never lost those smiles on their faces.

kayak lessons

That’s  Mark, Mark is going to see us again in The Kayakers K1 class.   Hey Mark don’t get spoiled with that Werner Paddle, it is Dan’s and he will want it back!


On the right is Susan and Ken.  Another happy day on the water kayaking.  I enjoyed kayaking on the river with those two. But then again, all kayakers are friendly.  Below is Jan,  mmm lime color kayaks, I like that color.



Below are a couple of more pictures from kayak demo days on the Fox River. I can’t remember their names, but if you email me I will add your names or fix any I got wrong.

kayaking Floridademodays6

NO the Alligator was not there.  Just seeing if you read this far.



Kayak Demo Days at on the Fox River — 4 Comments

  1. When are your beginner classes for July and what do they cost? I couldn’t make out the color code on the July calendar.

  2. My wife Diane and I are interested in talking a class in the upcoming 2016 calendar year. Any information would be great.
    Thanks, Rick & Dian Blodgett

    • Hello Rick an Diane
      I have posted the new 2016 class description here
      Prices are not set yet but, they should be around $75 for the Basic Plus and the others starting at $50.

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