Blackwell Forest Preserve Morning Kayaking


John Mott’s Morning Kayaking in Blackwell Forest preserve Got there a bit earlier than normal, put away the Euro-Spoons kayaking paddles and brought out the two new two-piece Greenland paddles. Absolutely calm morning with just some light flower puffs floating on the water. Took about 20 minutes to transition fully to the Inuit style of paddling, and as I did, reinforced once again how smooth, powerful, and easy-on-the-muscles this style of paddling actually is. Of course if you don’t want cold water dripping onto your crotch, a spray skirt is necessary, but that is a small price to pay. And of course, a spray skirt is kinda required if you are inclined to want to do a roll or two…


Were do I get one of those hats?

Also was reminded just how quiet and non-threatening to wildlife this style is in practice. Was within feet of a beaver before he spooked, and the last picture of a Gray Heron was also very close; did not use the zoom on the camera at all. So why the delay? Well, they did look nice as a decoration in a corner of the living area, but that’s not what the gear is for; get out there and put some scuffs and dings on your equipment – sorta like a merit badge that says, “Hey, I’m using this stuff as it should be used!” Will use the shoulderless paddle on Wednesday morning….

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