Below are just some of The Kayakers Reviews we get from our students.

the kayakers reviews

“They were great! We learned a whole lot, got a good workout, didn’t fall in and had a great time!”

Melanie Schult


“Awesome experience and great service ”  Joyce Champelli

Great Kayaking class! Good instruction and lots of fun!”Lynn Pekkarinen”What a great experience. Brian, John and Brenda are great teachers and took the time to show us how to kayak properly. I can’t wait to kayak again. Would recommend The Kayakers to my friends. “Melissa Tiangco

We gained extensive knowledge and training by Brian and his assistant. They were enthusiastic and personable. They made the experience memorable. – Chris K

This was an awesome experience for inexperienced kayakers! It was great fun and learned the right way to paddle an maneuver the boat …Brian and team made us want to kayak every weekend! Thank you! – Theresa G

the kayakers reviews

Brian was a great instructor!! I thoroughly enjoyed the event and will definitely be back again for more!! -Marie This was a great deal. Company is very professional but a lot of fun too! Had a great time! – Sheri

Great and thorough instruction – the weather was perfect – we went in early September! Great equipment and advise.

BEST EXPERIENCE YOU CAN HAVE for the money! Pleasant, polite personnel introduce you to the necessaries concerning he proper use of the kayak – and then you go for a ride! How good is that ?!!!

Wonderful experience for beginner kayaker! Highly recommend it!

Brian and Horatio were great teachers and made the trip a lot of fun. I can’t wait to go back!

We had a great time!! They are so helpful and very nice. We learned so much from them!!!

the kayakers reviews

We had a great time, and will definitely go back for more paddling with Brian

I had never been in a Kayak before and was very impressed with the thorough training provided before we got on the water. It also wasn’t just a lesson and fend for yourself day….the group was wonderful and really taught us technique throughout our trip. It was a great event and I would definitely do it again. :)

Loved Brian & Scott! Will return again for a day trip. Was an outstanding experience.

It was a lot of fun and the instructors were great.

Great and friendly instructors. Definitely will be going back

Knowledgeable and friendly instruction really made our kayak trip the best one yet! This is a must if you want to know how to kayak the right way! Sign up at

Great instructor. Had a wonderful time. Would definitely recommend.

We were fortunate enough to register for an evening class where everyone else cancelled. We had plenty of personalized instruction, followed immediately by a challenging and FUN river cruise/tour. We have already contacted them again about another trip. This was a phenomenal deal.

Going on another scheduled trip this weekend with Kayakers. A great adventure!

My teacher Brian was extremely patient as well as highly skilled. He and his assistant Renee had such an uplifting and charming personality that made my Kayak trip so awesome. Can’t wait to Kayak with them again. –

Brian, Gary & Renee are the BEST! They teach well, answer questions knowledgeably, are patient & very aware & concerned with the safety & comfort level of all the students. Their equipment is maintained well.  – Sue Brady

The kayak instructors were really good. They took the time to work with each person on learning the proper stroke techniques. They offer many different levels of classes and trips. I would highly recommend them!

It was fantastic. Brian the instructor and owner of the business was knowedgable, helpful, informative and pleasant. I would recommend to anyone wanting to get hooked on an awsome sport.

Super fun and very good for us as beginners!

We had a great time. Brian was an excellent instructor.

Had a fantastic time! Would definitely go again!

What a wonderful experience! The instructor was very good, I learned a great deal about kayaking in a short period of time and I had a lot of fun. Will definately do this again!

Can I give it 2 Thumbs Up? I learned more kayaking techniques than expected and they were very useful.

Educational and fun.

Brian was very good at teaching the basic skills of kayaking, and was very patient with the group. He was open to do what the class wanted (teaching or touring). I think everyone came out of the class with a much better understanding and skill level of kayaking than when we started. I would be interested in doing some of the touring trips, as Brian made everyone feel comfortable and i think we all had a great time. Thanks Brian!

This was my first time kayaking and I had an amazing time. The instructors made you feel very comfortable, it was very apparent they truly enjoy kayaking, and teaching. I can t wait to go kayaking again!! I will for sure sign up for one of the tours in the very near future.Here what people are saying after the Living Social Special Kayaking Class and Kayaking Trip on the Fox River in Batavia IL. Colleen Downers Grove

It was a fabulous experience. Really enjoyed it.

Brian was very knowledgeable and patient as a teacher. I’ll definitely watch for more of his classes & trips. All in all a beautiful morning and well worth the price paid.

This was great! I had never tried Kayaking before and this was a perfect way to try for the first time. Brian and his team were so helpful. It was a lot of fun!

the kayakers reviews

Great purchase. Brought the whole family and we had a great time. The team did an outstanding job of working with each person.

The Kayakers reviews on Yelp

Lots of fun, inexpensive, will do it again. . We will definitely go out again. Signed C

The Fox River paddle from South Elgin to St. Charles was the third time I ve rented from The Kayakers and it most definitely won t be my last. These guys are great! They give great tips and instruction, are very safety conscious, and very personable. We had a really nice mix of people on this outing – some very experienced and others in a kayak for their first time. Everyone felt welcome and seemed to have a really nice time. I definitely did! Can t wait to get out onto the water again with The Kayakers.  Signed Karen S.

Excellent. I will do it again as soon as I can. I don t usually give 5 stars but they were worth it. I am a very novice kayaker that had never kayaked in a river (ie, water with a current) so I was intimidated by the Fox River. Everything was done better than I even hoped. Equipment was great and the guides made me feel so at ease and gave great tips. We had lots of fun! I felt very safe and was even racing a friend down the river by the end. Everyone on the trip was nice and had a good time. Perfect way to spend a morning. Signed Katie


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  1. The inaugural Edward Cancer Center kayak retreat on June 8th, offered training for cancer survivors who had never kayaked before, a good physical workout and also a powerful sense of control. A perfect day.

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