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Kayaking classes are for beginners  and first timers up to intermediate.

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Our Kayak instructors are ACA certified. You will learn and have fun at the same time. Kayaking safety is at the top of our list. We will provide all the necessary equipment and teach you good bio-mechanics.

One on One Kayaking Instruction.  We now offer One on One instruction. These private kayaking classes give you the attention you need to focus on specific Skills.   Call 630 802 7647 to schedule a private class or take a group kayaking class from the dates below.

Kayaking classes

Kayaking classes are fun, educational and a great way to make new friends.  If you have questions, you can always call us at 630-802-7647 or view are FAQ page.  There are also articles on in our FAQ section about safety, what to wear, swimming skills and more.

There are a bunch of options for kayaking classes.  Start with the Basic Plus kayaking class. This is a fun and relaxing class teach the essentials for kayaking on flat water. Then you can take the Skill Enhancement 1 kayaking class. This kayaking Edging class is a fun one. Edging will enhance your boat control. Want to add even more maneuvers to your skill set? Then take the Skill Enhancement 2  kayaking class.  Kayaking class descriptions can be found here.

The Rescue kayaking class is a must.  This class can safe lives. You can watch the videos on this page to see what your in for in any of these classes. These videos are good for review after class as a refresher.

We do require that you sign a waiver prior the event. Kayaking waivers are available at the event or you can download and print them here Adult Waiver and Minor Wavier.