Boy Scout Kayaking Merit Badge Classes – BSA Kayaking Badge

BSA Kayak merit Badge

Earn your Boy Scouts of America Kayaking Merit Badge

The kayakers has a certified Merit Badge Counselor.  We can work with groups of scouts to help them earn a Boy Scout kayaking merit badge. The training will cover basic information about kayaks, strokes, and safety. The training session will have the scouts complete all of the BSA Kayaking requirements for the badge.

In this Boy Scout kayaking merit badge class you will get wet, NO Soaked! You will learn kayaking boat control, different kayaking rescue techniques, safety and much more.  The Boy Scout kayaking merit badge class is about 5 hours long. So rest up, bring a snack and have fun at the same time.

The Kayakers can work with groups of between 2 to 8 scouts. If you are interested in scheduling a Boy Scout kayaking merit badge training session, please contact The Kayakers at 630-802-7647.

You can also check out the Kayak Calendar

Prior to the BSA kayaking merit Badge class, Scouts should review the FAQ and resources page. On the day of the BSA kayaking merit badge class, scouts should bring a change of clothes, a snack, and water. Don’t forget to bring your blue card.  Parents are encouraged to stay and watch. If there are extra kayaks, parents can go in the water too.

The BSA Swimmers Test must be passed prior to showing up for the Boy Scout Merit Badge Class

Boy Scout Kayaking Merit Badge requirements



Boy Scout Kayaking Merit Badge Classes – BSA Kayaking Badge — 12 Comments

  1. We live in tinley park and I can not tell from your website where you are located. Please let me know so I can determine if we can do the boy scout merit badge class. Also, please let me know if you have a class scheduled that we can piggy back onto because my son belongs to a small troop. It is almost impossible for him to get a large number of participants for any specific merit badge class. Please help if you can. Thank you.

    Joe Ucha

    • BSA kayaking merit badge classes are held in Batavia IL. on the Fox River. We only need two Scouts to do the class. The Scouts needs to have passed swimming test prior to taking the kayak merit badge certification. They will also need to know how to tie a truckers knot. We will also need one parent be present during the class. The parent can stay on shore or come along for free if they wish. Please contact us to schedule a time. The kayak merit badge class can be during the week day. Minors need to have their parent or guardian sign a waiver, .

    • We supply the sea kayaks, PFD, and Paddles. This class is 5 hours long and maybe go longer based on the class size and skill levels. Bring water, healthy snacks and a change of clothes.

  2. Hi,
    I’m interested in the BSA Kayaking merit badge for my troop. Could you contact me with some info?
    Janis Braun

    • Hi Janis
      The BSA is a full day of training. We can make a special date for your troop. We can talk about the details and setting up a time.

  3. I am researching kayaking/canoe trips for our Troop for June 2015. The additional bonus of offering the Merit Badge as an option is great, knowing you have a certified MB Counselor. Do you have camping options are available?

    • Hi Patricia
      I will be talking to the BSA today about using the BSA campground later today.
      I will update you soon
      Thanks Brian

    • Prices start at $95 per student.
      This is a long class. We can set a date and time for your Scout and / or troop.
      Please refer to the BSA page or contact me if you have more questions.