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paddler kayaking on Fox River (Into the September sunset.... from Flickr by By Let Ideas Compete)

New Outdoor Retailer Store Opening in Aurora

Rocktown LogoRocktown Adventures is an independently owned specialty outdoor retailer with locations in Aurora, IL and Rockford, IL. Our mission is to provide the Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, and Southern Wisconsin community an opportunity to embrace an outdoor lifestyle through participation in outdoor recreation using their community’s natural assets. We want our appreciation of the outdoors to inspire you to take on new challenges, leading to a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately helping you define your idea of outdoor recreation.

Rocktown Adventures is offering 20% off cold weather paddling gear from Immersion Research and Level Six, along with select shoes from NRS.  Fishing kayaks from Jackson, Hobie, Wilderness Systems, Ocean Kayak and more are priced $100-$200 off.

Aurora Location:
107 Spruce St
Aurora, IL 60506
Rockford Location:
313 N. Madison Street
Rockford, IL 61103

Featured Gear:

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Wet Suits:


Paddle Jackets:




The Kayakers Store

The products listed above are only a few of the great kayaking products that you can find. Visit the Kayakers store and find more outdoor gear and discount prices.

You know what it’s like to get a bunch of kayakers together. Once the boats shove off and start to glide there’s this connection moving between the water and the paddlers…and then…. the talk starts.

Sometimes it’s almost motionless, like light shimmering on glassy water…watching together as an eagle dives for his breakfast. Not many words are needed.

Sometimes the talk is slow and meandering like a wide, steady river. “Done any new rivers lately?” “What’s your favorite paddle for open water?” “Anyone planning a trip north this summer?”

Sometimes it’s like riffles spilling over rocks. “What camera caught that trick?” “I want a squirt boat!” “Donkey moves, aerials, flips at the Whitewater Rodeo!” “Best helmet for whitewater?”

Sometimes it’s like big swells, packed with great information and tall tales of paddle adventure. “The kayaks had drifted when we’d linked boats to star gaze. It was after midnight when we had to find our way back to camp…” “The water was hitting inside of the sea caves, sounding like drums, as we paddled in…” “An analysis of river conditions following the removal of the dam…”

Don’t you wish there was a way to hang out and talk kayaking more often….a place to gather?

There is.

The Kayakers.com is a place for kayakers to:

  • Gather and talk
  • Post pictures
  • Give trip reports
  • Ask questions
  • Get advice
  • Post an upcoming paddle
  • Ask about gear or sell it,
  • Notify other paddlers about a training session
  • Rate the latest whitewater yak
  • Shop for great prices at our affiliate stores
  • Start a debate on the best paddle
  • Look for an instructor
  • Join in on a discussion and more…

The Kayakers is for everyone who loves kayaking—from the beginner to the advanced paddler. We are a virtual place for kayakers to hang out, learn from each other, swap stories, plan an event and get great prices on great gear. No fees to enjoy the info swapping. No heavy rules about who can post a trip.

If you’ve just started kayaking, you probably have 50 questions. If you’ve been kayaking a long while, you probably have 50 stories (and plenty of advice). Well, this is the place to get you guys together.

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